Valassis, an international media and marketing corporation, hired Tallan to create a streamlined, repeatable method of building multiple Chatbots at scale for their customers. Their goal was to mass produce digital marketing campaign style bots in order to effectively promote their client’s brands.


The main architectural challenge in building this solution was to create a singular code base that allowed for the rapid creation of bots while enabling each of Valassis’ customers to tailor their bot to meet their needs and be their own.


Valassis Healthcare Chatbot


For the automotive industry, Tallan created an integrated Chatbot that engages users to determine what type of vehicle they are interested in – make, model, color, etc.  As the user progresses through the virtual engagement and closer to making a purchase decision, they have the option to access a free Credit Report through TransUnion. Qualified leads, including the user’s credit history, are sent to the dealership sales team for follow-up.


Two large retailers wanted to run a cashback coupon campaign for their customers based on previous purchases.  Tallan developed a Chatbot to capture customer data, including previous purchases and purchase patterns.  The retailers can now target and incentivize customers through electronic coupons and/or cashback offers.  PayPal and Incomm are integrated into the solution for cashback and retail assimilation.


A national healthcare company was looking for a solution to support and augment their customer service organization.  Tallan developed a Chatbot that allows existing and prospective customers to schedule appointments.  Geo-location services were incorporated into the solution so customers could identify and access information for nearby facilities. Analytical data and reporting provided the client with additional lead generation and customer retention capabilities.


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