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 – Azure PaaS Recruiting Platform Client Story –

Smashfly moved it’s Data Center to the Azure cloud & migrated Applications to Platform as a Service (PaaS).


Smashfly’s founder wanted to “start a journey to establish a new category of HR technology: the Recruitment Marketing Platform.” Like any successful and growing business, the company was in need of a way to save on capital expenses, and to be prepared for growth and expansion. It was apparent that a migration from on-prem, to Azure was necessary to scale their business & modernize their applications to better serve their customers.


smashfly solution

Our partnership began with an architectural review and an engagement for a lift-and-shift. We were able to assist in moving their infrastructure from an existing, outdated, data center to Azure and it did exactly what Smashfly had hoped: saved them capital.

Following the lift and shift, we built modern applications to create multiple Azure App Services providing the horizontal scalability SmashFly required. From there, they needed guidance and assistance in re-architecting and rebuilding the recruitment platform to take advantage of Azure PaaS and all it has to offer. SmashFly is now poised to grow, and with a solid foundation.


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