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To continue growth, this National Morgage Lender needed to assess it’s current and future data handling needs.  Moving forward with a cloud first approach gave them the flexibility needed to deliver the lending tools their customers wanted as well as expand data stores in line with their business needs.


A National Morgage Lender was at a cross road debating on investing in a datacenter to handle increased capacity as they grow or move to a cloud first, mobile first approach and slowly retire their existing infrastructure and co-locations.


A New Approach

Deciding to go with the cloud-first approach, this national mortgage lender needed a place where customers could upload documents and assign tasks online. In addition to this, users needed an easier way to access loan estimates and view their loan application progress.  To make sure users stayed informed, mobile integration was also required.

Mobile Integration

First an online fully responsive 1003 form was created with the collaboration of the National Mortgage lender developers to integrate data collected online with LOS.  My Loan Center– currently in beta, but is a white label option for brokers to offer their customers an online portal to assign tasks, upload documents and streamline the overall process. A loan estimate comparison tool uses OCR to compare other loan estimates to eLENDs rates.  Along with iOS and Android apps that offer push notifications and access to responsive websites.

Meeting all of the clients requirements Tallan was able to deliver a suite of tools in a flexible cloud environment.


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