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CAQH CORE Phase II Certification

Tampa, FL – October 9, 2018

Tallan’s T-Connect Team Achieves CAQH CORE Phase II Certification for Seamless, Secure Healthcare Administrative Data Exchange

Tallan, Inc. a national leader in software development and business consulting announced today that its T-Connect Team achieved the CAQH® Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE®) Phase II Certification Seal.

Operating rules and underlying standards enable health plans, healthcare providers and vendors to electronically share large quantities of administrative data quickly, cost effectively and accurately. By specifying the business actions each party must follow in these transactions, the rules reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the nation’s healthcare system.

The CORE Certification Seal was awarded after Tallan’s T-Connect Team successfully completed a thorough and independent testing process and a subsequent application review. This ensures that providers can gain access to a richer set of consistent and accurate electronic administrative data, such as eligibility, benefits, claims status and patient financial information from health plans following a common set of national operating rules.

“By achieving CORE certification, Tallan has taken another step to promote compliance and innovation using our T-Connect EDI Software.” said Stan Kennedy, Vice President of Tallan’s Integration Technologies Practice. “With T-Connect, we are bringing back ownership to healthcare organizations as a cost-effective and accurate solution. This certification also bolsters our philosophy of promoting standards while reducing complexity of adherence for our customers.”

Phase II, CAQH CORE’s second set of operating rules, builds and expands on Phase I to include more robust eligibility information and requirements to streamline the communication of claims status, including if a claim has been accepted, rejected, is incomplete or contains an error. The transactions are conducted in real-time, significantly reducing administrative work handling manual inquiries on eligibility and claim status.

According to CAQH research, manual processing for claim status inquiries costs the US health care system $9.65 per transaction. When conducting these transactions electronically, the cost drops to $1.67. The cost also goes significantly down for eligibility and verification transactions when conducted electronically—dropping from $7.20 to $.74. If both transactions were conducted only electronically, health plans and providers could save more than $6 billion annually.

“By adopting operating rules, demonstrating compliance and urging its business partners to do so as well, Tallan is showing leadership in the industry,” said Robin J. Thomashauer, CAQH President. “Operating rules are most effective when everyone follows them, and today, thanks to Tallan, our nation’s healthcare system has taken another important step forward.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services selected CAQH CORE to develop national operating rules for HIPAA transactions to ensure that large amounts of data can be shared electronically in a fast and efficient way. Widely viewed as the industry “gold standard,” the CORE Certification Program enables organizations to demonstrate that they and their business partners have adopted and are adhering to the operating rules and their underlying standards, plus going above and beyond what is required.

CAQH CORE is a multi-stakeholder collaboration of nearly 130 organizations that work together to develop operating rules. Participants represent healthcare providers, health plans, vendors, associations, government entities and the organizations that set standards for healthcare and data exchange. Four phases of CAQH CORE Operating Rules have been issued to date, and CORE Certification is currently available for Phases I, II, III and IV.

For more information on Tallan’s T-Connect call (860) 368-3148 or visit 270/271 Realtime Benefits Eligibility.

To learn more about CAQH CORE, visit www.caqhcore.org.


For over 30 years, Tallan has been a leader in custom application development, software products, and data management. Tallan provides clients with meaningful innovations that increase operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and drive revenue. Within Tallan, our healthcare practice delivers these solutions with our T-Connect EDI Management Suite. T-Connect is a HIPAA-focused EDI gateway designed to reduce administration complexity, maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide end-to-end visibility into the lifecycle of your data.