Tallan’s Vision Map

Tallan’s Vision Map exercise is a 2-3 hour co-creation session outlining where and why to take the next steps in your business transformation.

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Length of Engagement
2-3 Hours

What to expect

The outcome of this session is a 2-page Executive Brief that will concisely outline priorities over the next 12-18 months, with actionable next steps. The brief will incorporate the session and any additional thoughts your team has afterward.


Expect to have a holistic view, focusing on 1-2 business or program areas

Invite more thought leaders for greater idea generation

The problem and/or business owner needs to be in the room as their buy-in to the prioritization is key and you will need their support to move forward

The subject matter expert needs to be in the room as this person has key information on the art of the possible


Introductions and stage setting level set on the session goals

Proven method for prioritizing

Fully built Vision Map with collaboratively ranked ideas

Points on the Vision Map, including both current and new ideas

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