Tallan’s Security Assessment

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and widespread. Tallan’s Security Assessment is an evaluation of your resources and business objectives to audit and develop a fresh approach to your security strategy.

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Solution Area
Length of Engagement
2 Weeks

What to expect

In this engagement, we focus on foundational areas that are typically the most vulnerable. We’ll use tools like Secure Score to assess your environment and provide education, guidance, and remediation recommendations.


Education & Discovery Workshops

Assessment Findings & Recommendations

Review Key Areas


Four workshops will cover Scope & Objectives, Zero Trust Framework, Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, and Azure/Office 365 Secure Score.

Assess and identify security risk, gaps, and areas of concern using Azure, Office 365 Secure Score and other processes and tools.

Identify unmanaged devices, unsupported operating systems, and vulnerabilities with plan for  next steps.

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