Modern Data Culture Maturity Model

Today’s demand to use data as intelligence to drive innovation is critical. Organizations use data daily, but don’t recognize how well that data is managed, understood, and utilized as an asset. With Tallan’s Data Maturity Model, it is easier to identify where your organization is excelling and where opportunities lie for data maturity improvement.

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Length of Engagement
30 Days

What to expect

Tallan’s Modern Data Culture Maturity Model provides organizations with a common language and framework for understanding how mature your data capabilities are today. Our goal is to build a practical and incremental adoption roadmap that supports the priorities identified during the Vision Map and the capabilities needed by the business to pursue those priorities.

Vision Map

  • A workshop that identifies priorities your business would like to innovate, resulting in an Executive Brief.

Design the Roadmap

  • Design the future state and map out the key maturity milestones for implementation utilizing outputs from day one.

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