Excel Reports in Power BI

Microsoft Power BI eliminates the guesswork, wasted time and energy in data integration and analysis. This user-friendly platform is designed to integrate business data from various sources and transform it into visualizations that help you understand your business and take action. With Power BI, marketers, analysts, executives, and even clients are able to visualize their data in a way that not only saves time, but eliminates the need for an entire IT department to make it happen. Power BI dashboards provide you with a 360-degree view of your business, unifying all of your data in the cloud or on-premises, accessible on any mobile device.
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What to expect

Assess existing Excel reports and provide a comprehensive solution to modernize the reporting platform and access to deeper insights with Power BI’s ability to slice, dice, drill through your data.


Collaborate with stakeholders to review the current or proposed Excel report and understand the business requirements.

Identify the source of data for the Excel report, and if possible, retrieve the data directly from the source.

Build and demonstrate a working Proof of Concept Power BI report that will replace the Excel counterpart.

Assist with the deployment, and if possible, its scheduled data refresh.


At the end of the engagement, you will have a proof of concept demonstrating how Power BI can help you replace many of the manual processes download the data points in your report.