BizTalk Logic Apps Migration: 3-Week Implementation

Are you using BizTalk Server(s) to connect and communicate among several systems and applications? Managing disparate systems and applications can be costly in both time and money.

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Length of Engagement
3 Weeks

What to expect

Using Azure Logic Apps as your cloud-based integration solution offers:

  1. A platform service that is pay as you use, minimizing upfront cost.
  2. The ability to connect directly to BizTalk 2016 on-prem, allowing you to scale in a hybrid environment.
  3. A constantly evolving platform, offering you new features and technology to better manage your integrations.


Assess your current BizTalk application(s) with intelligent tools & Tallan Architects

Develop a “to be” Azure/hybrid architecture for logic apps based on assessment data

Create a road map for migration


Infrastructure and application data for Biztalk application based on information the assessment tools collect

Education on Azure Logic Apps and best practices for integrating BizTalk Server

Migration road map to get your application from BizTalk to Logic Apps or a hybrid model

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