Azure VMWare Solution (AVS) Quickstart

Move to the cloud, leveraging existing staff and skills while reducing costs and taking advantage of services to modernize your business solutions. You may be able to take advantage of a free 30-day trial!

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Length of Engagement
2 Months

What to expect

Tallan’s Azure VMWare Solution (AVS) Quickstart eases your journey into the cloud, allowing your team to take advantage of pre-existing VMware skills and knowledge. Tallan provides a smooth process to enable you to quickly get up and running in the cloud, while Microsoft manages the private infrastructure.


Assessment and sizing for your organization’s needs based on current on-prem environment.​

Deployment of a dedicated private cloud using Azure VMware Solution (AVS)​.

Migration of VMware VMs from on-prem into your VPC using AVS.


Executive brief, outlining vision, sizing and projected timeline.​

Build of Azure environment (if none exists) and the Azure VMware Solution Landing zone.​

Migration of identified resources from on-prem to the new Azure VMware Solution.​

Documentation and coaching to help upskill existing teams and long-term management, if requested.

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