Azure PaaS: 3-Day Proof of Concept

Work with Tallan to educate your team on Azure and create a functioning POC that can drive business value for your organization.

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Solution Area
Length of Engagement
3 Days

What to expect

This 3 day engagement will allow your team to work with Tallan and Microsoft to educate your organization on what is possible in Azure and build out a POC utilizing Azure’s PaaS services.


Outline proof of concept and what you are trying to accomplish

Review the application’s current environment (if any) and the associated architecture

Education on Azure tools, building workloads and applications in Azure as well as moving on prem applications and workloads

Work with Tallan team to develop and create your POC


Documentation of proof of concept

Documentation of current architecture and best practices

Recommendations for building and moving workloads to Azure

Functioning POC for you to run with or work with Tallan to implement

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