Azure Governance Assessment

Developing and implementing a standard governance architecture allows you control cloud costs, manage cloud usage, and standardize & monitor the cloud services you use across your organization.
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Length of Engagement
1 week

What to expect

Tallan can help you assess the governance structure needed for your organization and ensure that you are:

  • Enforcing and auditing your policies for Azure Services
  • Creating compliant environments
  • Compliant with external regulations
  • Monitoring spend and encouraging accountability across your organization

After the assessment you will have an Azure Governance plan outlined and documented that you can reference and use for implementation of governance across all Azure subscriptions.


Identify current state governance in the current cloud environment (if on-prem we will start from scratch)

Map and create governance architecture for Azure

Educate & discuss Azure Governance tools

Develop a phased migration and implementation plan to move to the proposed governance structure in Azure


Documentation for current state governance

Documentation for Azure Governance architecture

Training on Azure Governance tools including: Azure Management Groups, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints, Azure Resource Graph, and Azure Cost Management

Documentation for migration and implementation plan

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