Azure Data and AI Platform Quickstart

Tallan’s Azure Data and AI Platform Quickstart is a collection of repeatable assets that when combined, will empower the people, processes and technology to ensure the maximum value of your data.

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Solution Area
Data & Analytics
Length of Engagement
2 - 8 Weeks

What to expect


Go from Data and AI ideas to MVPs in as little as a month

Faster onboarding of additional data sources – scale as fast as your use cases

Accelerate time from data to business intelligence

Reduce time spent on proof of concepts

Align to support CI/CD enabled deployment framework

Successful, operational ML Models means less experimentation and more analytic value


Pre-configured Azure data lake storage structures

Delta Lake standard to support ACID transactions and enable time-travel

Data ingestion pipeline automation

Support for real-time or streaming data feeds

Templated Databricks Notebooks

Direct SQL-based data lake access

Support for data catalog integration

Pre-built Power BI reports and dashboards

Pre-designed data and machine learning models

MLOps framework for operationalizing ML models

Pre-built scripts and persona-based access

Pre-configured data governance and security frameworks

Metadata driven platform deployment framework

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