Azure AppDev Workshop

Expand your knowledge and hands-on AppDev experience in the cloud with a training and Hackfest!
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2 days

What to expect

Tallan’s Vice President of Cloud Technologies, Dan Fluet, will host this two-day, instructor-led event in an immersive, hands-on, lab environment paired with presentations.


Day one will focus on Azure AppDev education in a classroom setting.

Day two, attendees will participate in a hackathon where you’ll design and build a solution using the Azure knowledge you gained on day one.


PaaS Challenge – Build a PaaS solution on Azure

IaaS Challenge – Build a compliant architecture in order to gain experience provisioning VMs, creating virtual networks and subnets, creating NSG, etc. Extra points for scripting and automation!

Cognitive Services Challenge – We encourage teams to try Cognitive Services on Azure, we’ve found this choice to be very popular among Hackfest teams!

Data Challenge – This could be any Data Service in Azure. For example, HDInsight, SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Power BI, Azure SQL Data warehouse, etc.

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