Azure AppDev: 3-Day Workshop

During this 3 day workshop your team will learn the “art of the possible” with Azure.

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Solution Area
Length of Engagement
3 Days

What to expect

You will have the opportunity to work with Tallan and Microsoft resources to help develop a strategic plan and understanding for building and moving applications/workloads to Azure. This engagement will consist of presentations, group discussion, and hands on learning through hacks based around different technologies in the Azure cloud suite.


Review of use cases and group discussion on variety of different tools in Azure with an open Q&A Forum

Hacks are presented and group is broken up into teams to begin work

Groups will work on hacks with assistance from Tallan and Microsoft resources, will continue to work on hacks/POC’s to get them to a point where they are presentable

Groups will present there POC’s to discuss challenges, common pit falls, and Azure benefits that were discovered during the hackathon


A comprehensive education on Azure

Ability to work on a POC that can be built from

Strategy and plan for developing and deploying applications on Azure

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