AI Ideation Workshop

 Our experts will work with your team to explore scenarios where AI solutions can add maximum benefit and support market competitiveness.
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What to Expect

During our half to full-day workshop, our team with gather information from your participants to understand your current environment, current Data and AI strategy, and any initial opportunities that your team has identified.
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  • Introduction
  • Company Overview, Business Scenarios & Product Portfolio
  • AI and AI Platform Summary
  • Ideation
  • Next Steps
After the discovery segment of the workshop, our team will provide you with a high-level overview of AI, Microsoft’s AI platform capabilities, and how we have helped customers build their Data & AI strategies by using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. From there, we will work with your team to expand on the identified opportunities and create an initial plan to easily deploy and manage across the cloud with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and incorporate AI into your Business Solutions.

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