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Our most common way to help clients build their solution is to involve an agile team.  We believe in delivering working code early and regularly and this is the best way for us to deliver on that promise.  Working with you, we determine the number of sprints your project is likely to take and deliver a plan to execute those sprints and a demo.

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2 Weeks

What to expect

The agile team consists of a project management, user experience and product ownership, lead technical architect, and a pair of dedicated developers.  We start with your backlog and an environment.  From there we conduct a sprint planning meeting to tackle a demo-able portion of the highest priority items on the backlog.  During each iteration we hold daily standup meetings to surface any issues and keep the team on track.  At the end of the sprint we demo your feature and repeat as needed until you have a product that you can launch.


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Sprint Demo

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