Virginia Not-For-Profit
Healthcare Organization


In order for this Virginia Not-For-Profit Healthcare Organization to grow its patient population through educational outreach, Tallan utilized its expertise to deliver a foundational data integration platform that provided the Healthcare Organization the ability to grow rapidly.


A Virginia Not-For-Profit Healthcare Organization turned to Tallan to integrate their various data sources into a framework that would allow them to better understand patient information, implement better operational processes & augment care offerings. This Healthcare Provider needed a solution that would allow the organization to scale quickly, while creating efficiency in its integration practices. 

This new data integration platform architecture needed to have the ability to:

– Reduce the effort involved in bringing on new data sources

– Apply consistent data curation practices

– Cut the lead time involved reaching patients to ensure timely messaging


With the Healthcare Organization’s needs in mind, Tallan’s expertise delivered a foundational data integration platform built for growth. Some of the features of this platform include:

Rules Based Data Curation

Rules based data curation pipeline combining raw data from more than 5 sources into the Virginia Healthcare Organization’s CRM platform.

HIPAA Compliance

Providing a HIPAA Compliant solution allows the Not-For-Profit Healthcare Organization to maximize scalability, while avoiding regulation & compliance penalties in the process

Consistency & Simplicity

Consistent, simplified view of the process streamlines manual intervention.


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