Vermont Environmental
Services Organization

– Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client Story –

In order for a Vermont Environmental Service Organization to maintain optimization with its business applications, Tallan leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build a CUSTOMIZED application that streamlined business processes and helped the solid waste industry leader achieve greater visibility and efficiency in its day-to-day operations.


This Vermont-based solid waste industry has grown and changed steadily for many years. However, their business applications had not kept pace and were no longer optimized for their unique business processes.

Staff were required to use multiple business systems, spreadsheets and manual processes to perform their work across multiple lines of business. This resource solution organization wanted to modernize their applications, automate business workflows, create an enterprise platform for multiple lines of business and improve visibility into their operational data.


Vermont Solution


Tallan leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build a customized application that helps users better manage information related to their customers and services. The new system helps reduce user errors and eliminate many manual steps of the service process for the solid waste industry leader.


By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the development team was able to quickly prototype the application using many of the built-in features such as security, navigation, workflows, tasks, activities and document attachments. The team was able to focus the majority of their effort on the high value functionality that included customized database and data entry forms, unique business logic and reporting.


Tallan’s solution, using Dynamics CRM, resulted in the streamlining of business processes, helping this environmental service organization to achieve greater efficiency in the day to day operations of their business. The solution also provides better visibility into multiple lines of business and reduced number of errors, resulting in a significantly improved customer experience.


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