– Supply Chain Infrastructure Client Story –

Tallan helped United Natural Foods map out a strong IT infrastructure and implemented changes required to meet the needs of these new clients and ongoing business growth.

The Challenge

UNFI had an opportunity to take on significant new business through brand-name national customers, however the limitations with their existing business systems – including a lack of transparency on shipping and supply chain information – prevented the processing of EDI customer orders, invoices and advance shipment notices in the manner that these new customers required.

The Solution

UNFI Client Story Solution

UNFI partnered with Tallan to streamline their IT architecture and enable it to accept and process EDI customer order transactions, meeting the varying requirements of their new customers.

Tallan leveraged and extended the Supply Chain database and BizTalk integration application, which was deployed in an earlier phase of the UNFI engagement. The Tallan software development team was able to provide solutions to numerous customer specific requirements.

In a phased approach, the team developed, tested and implemented the ability to:

EDI Transaction Processing
Receive and process a variety of inbound and outbound EDI transactions

Vendor Reference Number Provided
Include the vendor reference number on the invoice

Cross Referencing
Cross reference store numbers to a business system code

Provide advance shipment notifications (ASN)

This approach enabled UNFI to successfully bring in the new business in a short time period.

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