Town Department Modernizes with Cloud Migration

“Tallan responded to an RFP we published to plan and manage the entire migration of our onsite data center to the Azure Cloud. From cradle to grave Tallan demonstrated an outstanding degree of subject matter expertise and customer engagement. Throughout this very complex process Tallan was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the process ran smoothly, and most notably they were very responsive to our numerous requests for mentorship in this new environment. I give them my unqualified endorsement and thanks for a job well done.”

– Commissioner of Information Technology, Town Department


This town is a burgeoning part of the New York metropolitan area with a population of 480K people. To reduce dependencies on localized infrastructure and facilities, their cloud workloads required a migration to a public cloud, specifically, Microsoft Azure. Their current environment required hardware repurchasing and releasing, which was not cost-effective for the department. Tallan successfully responded to an RFP issued by the town and planned and implemented a data-informed strategy that facilitated this client’s modernization to a secure, efficient Azure environment.






Cloud, Data & Analytics

40 Terabytes of Data.
  • Tallan started by utilizing a funded engagement through Microsoft called an Azure Foundations Assessment (AFA). This engagement used the Movere tool, and scanned the town’s entire environment, 151 Window Server Nodes and 5 Linux nodes under a single domain.
  • Through this, Tallan uncovered all data needed to identify how to design the migration plan. Tallan’s analysis effectively identified Azure-ready VMs, DBs, and applications supporting the migration roadmap with a strategy in place. Overall, 100+ on-prem servers were decommissioned!
100+ On-prem Servers.
  • Leaning on the data output from the AFA, Tallan identified and prioritized all workloads, with specific categorization, exploring support, aging hardware, and low consumption markers.
  • Tallan made Azure recommendations by VM, including the Azure profiles for both “As Built” and “Right Sized” data instances using cost-controlling Azure Hybrid Benefit pricing options. The town’s cloud environment was built out from scratch prior to an efficient migration of all workloads to the new landing zone.
A More Dynamic Day to Day.
  • Tallan supported & mentored the town’s staff to ensure their skillset expanded along with the optimized platform.
  • With the new Azure platform in place, Tallan effectively improved security, reduced environmental infrastructure risks, and minimized the impact of physical real estate needs on IT operations by utilizing data center-only facilities.
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