– eCommerce Back Office Client Story –

Tallan worked with Talbots to extend its loyalty program via their customer facing website as well as their backend point of sale systems, driving 40,000 new rewards card enrollments and a 20% increase in credit card applications in just 2 weeks.


Talbots identified an opportunity to extend its existing customer loyalty program to a wider customer base, beyond just the holders of the private label Talbots Charge credit card. To achieve this, Talbots needed a system that provided improved visibility into customer transaction history, and to support multiple loyalty tiers with the higher tiers offering increased rewards meant to encourage customers to sign up for the Talbots Charge card.


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Tallan worked with a multi-department team at Talbots to extend the capabilities of their existing ecommerce Web site and to expand the point of sale, catalog, and back-office systems to support the new loyalty program.


Tallan architected and developed functionality to:

– Issue and accept a Classic Awards Red Card across each sales channel and associate the customer with purchases.

– Give the customer visibility to their program activity on the Talbots Web site.

– Enroll and search for loyalty customers in the customer relationship application.

– Support new business rules around tiers, tenders, and promotions.


Since the launch of the new customer loyalty program, the performance of the Classic Awards program has surpassed initial program goals. Enrollment for the Rewards Card surpassed 40,000 customers within the first two weeks of the program, and thousands continue to enroll each week.

The promotion around the new program also drove customers to the stores and Talbots experienced a 20% increase in private label credit card applications from customers looking to take advantage of additional benefits.


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