Strengthening Azure Security Posture for Global Manufacturer


Tallan first worked with this global industrial and aerospace manufacturer to pilot a modern data platform in Azure. That engagement, DPi30, which is a funded Microsoft Solution Assessment, successfully created a live use-case in Azure in just 30 days. Through their new work in Azure, the business sought to better understand potential security vulnerabilities across their 0ffice 365 and cloud environments. Tallan continued assisting this client in refining their security strategy by identifying potential gaps and designing a path to improve their security posture.



Annual Revenue

$1.1 Billion

Company Size

3,800 Employees


Cloud, Data & Analytics

Prioritizing Security Through Education.
  • To establish the most appropriate strategy, Tallan started by focusing on the client’s objectives, followed by workshops. These engaging meetings centered on the Zero Trust framework and Azure Security Center. Tallan reviewed the client’s current Defender for Cloud Secure Scores, Microsoft 365 environment, Identity Secure Score, and Azure policies.
  • A customized remediation plan was presented to improve the security scores. This plan further optimized the client’s ability to respond to threats. An Azure Secure Score is a perfect method for businesses to prioritize their responses to security recommendations by assigning values to factors that can assist them in enhancing their security posture.
Reviewing 4,906 Azure Policies in Two Weeks.
  • Tallan thoroughly assessed the client’s environment, including a review of the current security policies for 4,420 workstations, 1,065 Windows Server nodes, 10 Linux nodes, and 17 domains!
  • In its entirety, this two-week engagement included a review of 2,506 total resources and 4,906 Azure policies. Tallan found that 3,000+ users were not being registered for Azure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). From a data loss prevention (DLP) perspective, this client had 651,379 instances of classified data points such as ABA routing numbers and Driver’s License numbers to safeguard and through the assessment, the Tallan team discovered the client had two DLP policies in place that were inactive. Both were activated immediately following the engagement.
Mapping an Implementation Strategy.
  • Tallan closely reviewed use cases, performed analysis, mapped out the implementation, and created or revised policies with the client’s team. Recommendations included a detailed timeline for remediating any security issues from a high-medium-low risk perspective. Tallan assessed the client’s Defender alerts to demonstrate possible gaps in their security infrastructure, and made suggestions based on the findings.
  • After reviewing recommendations to modernize the client’s security posture, Tallan provided demos along with cost estimates, giving this client the knowledge and agility they need to move forward on their security journey.
  • The Tallan security team is now working alongside the client on updating the high-priority remediation suggestions to improve the security of their Azure environment.
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