Security Assessment Identifies 100,000+ Instances of Data Loss Prevention Risk


This credit union serves more than 125,000 members all over the world. To better understand potential security vulnerabilities for its members across the client’s Azure cloud and Office 365 environments, Tallan delivered a Security Assessment. This Microsoft-funded engagement verified that the client’s cloud deployment process followed Cloud Adoption Framework and architecture best practices while ensuring cost efficiency. Tallan also noted and made recommendations to modernize their security posture with a focus on DLP (Data Loss Prevention).



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Strategizing through Education.
  • To establish the most effective foundational strategy, Tallan began by focusing on the client’s primary objectives of understanding security vulnerabilities across their Azure environment, followed by a series of workshops. These workshops centered on governing the Azure cloud, the Zero Trust framework, and Microsoft Azure’s Security Center, specifically focusing on the Secure Score. A Secure Score helps businesses properly gauge their security standing by providing discoverability, visibility, direction, and enhanced control over Azure.
  • Tallan reviewed the client’s current Defender for Cloud Secure Scores, Microsoft 365 environment, Identity Secure Score, and Azure policies. These scores work to measure how aligned an organization is with Microsoft’s best practice recommendations for security. They help improve security posture, plan security improvements, and ultimately aid in reviewing the success of any improvements. Tallan then presented a customized remediation plan for the purpose of improving these security scores and further optimizing their ability to respond to and prevent threats.
100,000+ Instances of Critical Data.
  • The client wanted to ensure their environment was built with sustainable security via trusted Secure by Design principlesThis approach identified areas of broad-based security exposure requiring remediation. Tallan thoroughly assessed the client’s environment, including current security policies for 450 workstations, 550 users, and over 200 server nodes.
  • From a data loss prevention DLP perspective, this client had 100,000 instances of classified data points, such as 50,000 routing numbers, more than 22,000 social security numbers, and nearly 20,000 driver’s license numbers that required Sensitivity Label identification!
Identifying Potential Security Gaps.
  • After identifying their DLP vulnerabilities, Tallan carefully examined multiple use cases with the client’s team, planned their implementation, and created the appropriate policies.
  • Tallan also provided demos and cost estimates, giving this client the information and flexibility needed to fully modernize their security posture. Tallan’s security team goes as far as ranking the risk hierarchy and labeling remediation suggestions in a 30, 60, and 90-day timeframe.
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