Remote Viewing Solution for Medical Device Manufacturer Scales to Achieve 25x the Data


This medical device company develops and manufactures implantable heart pumps, supporting more than 170,000 patients worldwide. Their product requires efficient, real-time monitoring of device data, making the technology behind its functionality vital. Tallan helped solidify and scale this organization’s industry-leading, remote viewing solution for their heart pump, with software now functioning in 300+ devices worldwide. In May 2020, The Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of our client’s heart pump in combination with an oxygen machine to treat COVID-19 patients. Click here to learn more!


Medical Devices Manufacturing

Annual Revenue


Company Size

1,200 Employees


Cloud, IoT, Data & Analytics

Uninterrupted service.
real-time remote viewing
  • To identify opportunities for improvement and ensure effective scalability and security, Tallan performed an Azure Assessment. This data output defined the path forward based on prioritized goals and the current state of the customer’s Azure environment.
  • Tallan enabled real-time, remote viewing of heart pump data to proactively manage the devices using Microsoft Azure. Each device sends information to the cloud  in real-time as the heart pump support equipment is connected to the network. Dynamic dashboards enable IoT sensor data to provide insight into the quality of all active heart pumps.
Achieving Growth and Scalability.
With 25X
Data Volume
  • Tallan designed and architected an infrastructure based in Microsoft Azure, as well as a standardized a governance model to ensure secure and cost-effective maintenance of the environment.
  • At twenty-five times the size of the initial workloads, the reliability and security of Microsoft Azure streamlined and scaled up the remote-viewing solution to handle more patients. This effectively eliminated the client’s barrier to growth, and supported their life-saving mission.
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