Real Estate Investment Firm Finds 60x Performance Improvement with DPi30


This real estate investment firm focuses on lending and development, with projects that have delivered jobs, created comfortable places to live and helped provide sustainable infrastructure. They needed to modernize their data estate to help consolidate resourcesDuring a 4-week engagement, Tallan delivered the foundation of a modern Azure data platform to facilitate the integration of disparate data sources totaling over 3 billion records, efficient data aggregation, and user enablement to enhance their existing reporting and analytics capabilities.  


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Establishing the Blueprint for Modernization.
Through DPi30
  • Tallan created an executive summary, providing an overall scope of their team’s specific objectives, based on the customer’s business goals. Through a collaborative workshop approach, the DPi30 Assessment helped this firm envision the value of a modern data & analytics platform utilizing Azure Services.
  • The long-term goal for the organization was to establish a new modern data platform as a source for better reporting and analytics, whereas their shorter-term goal was to optimize a 21-step integration (SSIS) process that took over 4-5 days to complete.
  • Tallan helped create a blueprint for this organization to enable the power of Azure Data & Analytics cloud services.
From Four Hours to Four Minutes.
Flawed Processes
  • Tallan facilitated the integration of disparate data sources totaling over 3 billion records, which enhanced the real estate firm’s existing reporting and analytics capabilities. The data was consolidated, refined, and combined into a dimensional model and fed into a Power BI report to allow analysis and reporting against the new platform. Among other features, the new Power BI report included the ability to break down transactional level metrics.
  • As part of a Proof of Concept, the client’s IT team found it was taking over 4 hours to process 500M rows in their application. Using Azure Databricks, a 60x performance improvement was achieved, ultimately paring a four-hour process down to four minutes! 
Building on the Blueprint.
A Clearer Vision
For What’s Next
  • This pilot engagement successfully proved that there are alternative and more efficient options to ingesting, integrating, and viewing data.  During the engagement, Tallan identified additional opportunities for the client to further refine their IT strategy and continue the process of building out their Modern Data Platform using Azure Data Services.
  • Tallan’s expertise and guidance enabled this client to validate that Azure can help boost performance, save time, and provide the platform to perform detailed analysis using Power BI. The future is looking bright for this real estate firm’s reporting capabilities, as they’re now positioned to leverage advanced analytics on an enterprise scale.
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