Pennsylvania Medical Auditing Firm

 – T-Connect Accelerator Client Story –

With the implementation of BizTalk Server and the installation of the T-Connect Accelerator, Tallan was able to provide this Pennsylvania Medical Auditing Firm with a solution that allows the ability to process EDI 837 claim files and store EDI into a database they own and operate.


A Medical Auditing Firm based out of Pennsylvania required a robust EDI platform to intake & outbound claims for their claim repricing business.

Key project needs included:

  • Enhanced processing speed
  • Ability to store & translate EDI into their systems
  • Effectively process outbound EDI for repriced claims back to the sending trading partners
  • Incorporation of complex enrichment & mapping rules to the claims
  • Support for a growing number of trading partners in a scalable manner


Pennsylvania Medical Auditing Firm Client Story Solution

In order to create a solution that provided all the key needs for the Medical Auditing Organization, Tallan implemented a BizTalk Server middleware platform.

With the installation of Tallan’s revolutionary T-Connect Accelerator for BizTalk, the Medical Auditing Firm now had the ability to process EDI 837 claim files for both inbound & outbound operations. The solution also provided the Pennsylvania Medical firm a database that could store EDI they own & operate, giving them access to essential data & enabling detailed analysis in real time.


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