Pennsylvania Healthcare System

– T-Connect HL7 Accelerator Client Story –

With the installation of new applications and systems to support their existing platforms, a Pennsylvania Healthcare System had numerous challenges when it came to their internal operations and data analysis. By leveraging the T-Connect HL7 Accelerator, Tallan implemented a trusted, reusable, and compliant enterprise platform designed to help the organization unlock data to improve patient care and achieve their business goals.


Pennsylvania Healthcare System Client Story Challenge
A Pennsylvania Healthcare System faced lengthy onboarding processes, painful deployments, and little-to-no data insight with the integration of new technology into their legacy systems.

The organization required a new model and tooling to support superior integration patterns, deployment strategies, and the ability to unlock and tap into their clinical data across various EHR/EMR platforms.


Pennsylvania Healthcare System Client Story Solution

By leveraging the T-Connect HL7 Accelerator, Tallan was able to provide a solution that allowed this Healthcare System the ability to implement:

Reusable Blueprint Solution

A reusable blueprint solution that can process a wide array of HL7 2.x files and rapid onboarding of new applications and systems.

Trusted Enterprise Platform

A trusted, enterprise platform that enabled developers and analysts to respond to business needs in an agile manner.

Full Accessibility to Data

Full access to institutional and clinical data for BI insight and analytics for institutional stakeholders.


Compliance with Meaningful Use and JSON standards.


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