Consolidating and Automating Manual Reports


Tallan engaged with a local non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker on a Data & Analytics project. NEMT brokers serve as a liaison between health plan providers, patients, and transportation vendors. Their mission is to coordinate transportation services for disadvantaged patients who are unable to make it to health care appointments. Providing this service both improves wellness and reduces costs for insurers. This organization was looking to consolidate and reduce manual processes involving many commonly used reports.



Annual Revenue


Company Size

100-500 Employees


Cloud, Web, UX, Data & Analytics

Automated Reporting.
96 Days
saved annually
  • The existing reporting process was manual, labor intensive, error prone, and difficult to keep up to date.
  • A single quarterly report provided to each insurer, required 3 person days of effort.
Improved Accuracy.
Reduced Errors
due to manual processing
  • With a greater level of accuracy and currency, executives can use the Power BI interface to slice, filter, and drill down into data, providing deeper insights into vital information than was possible before.
New Line of Business.
Direct Access
to reports for customers
  • As an additional value-added service, the organization is considering providing direct access to these reports to their health plan providers under a subscription model. This will both drive additional revenue and position them above their competition in the marketplace.
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