National Women’s Apparel Retailer

– Retail BizTalk Integration Client Story –

“Our work with Tallan has really been about partnership. The professionalism and expertise exhibited by Tallan technologists has been the driving force in this successful modernization.”

- Director
National Women's Apparel Retailer


This National Women’s Apparel Retailer was facing an aging mainframe system with countless customizations making it rigid and difficult to maintain. A lack of knowledge transfers over the years between staff only compounded the problem. Additionally, a team of Oracle consultants had been working to implement Oracle RMS to bolster their sales auditing capabilities. All of these factors culminated to a need for a flexible integration platform that would allow for easy updates to existing systems and the ability to seamlessly attach or replace systems in the future.


National Women's Apparel Retailer Client Story Solution

Tallan recommended BizTalk as their central integration platform knowing that this organization was already using SQL server for their data warehousing needs and had an affinity for the Microsoft platform. Not only did the use of Biztalk connect all their disparate systems, but it also allowed them to capture several key metrics that were previously not being tracked. For example, this women’s apparel retailer sells to their customers through brick and mortar stores as well as an ecommerce portal. However, the metrics that were being recorded differed between the different sales methods and they were only able to pull reports on the brick and mortar side through their POS system.

Replacing many of the manual work flows has allowed this organization to get more out of their existing employees without increasing their workload. Prior workflows included handing physical print outs between departments, leading to possible errors as well as additional labor.

This organization now has the foundation needed to support an ever evolving infrastructure. This includes a central repository for their data and the ability to track the same metrics on both sides to allow consistent and more detailed reporting. With this new platform, they were also able to adopt software updates without the worry of conflicting customizations, while staying current with their existing software packages. This also allows for a greater degree of flexibility when adding or changing existing systems.


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