– ID Card System Client Story –

“Tallan helped us improve one of our core business processes, sending ID cards to our members. Their development team helped us modernize our legacy system resulting in greater efficiency and increased operational visibility.”

- Cathy Clancy, EVP Medicaid and MVP Operations
MVP Health Care


MVP Health Care had grown rapidly over many years of expansion and acquisition. During this time their member ID card request process had become more and more complex requiring excessive development time to enhance and maintain. Also, it was difficult for MVP staff to determine the status of a given ID Card request because the system did not provide complete visibility into the process.

MVP wanted to modernize the application and introduce additional business controls and improve operational visibility, allowing staff to more efficiently manage the overall process and provide better service and support for their members.


MVP Health Care Member ID Card Solution

An Experienced Approach

Tallan has worked with many companies to modernize systems using the latest best practices. This often results in new application code that is more easily maintained and extended at an overall lower cost.

Optimized and Flexible

Tallan analyzed the MVP ID card request process and identified ways to refactor and consolidate the codebase in a way that made troubleshooting and future application enhancements much easier to manage. This will help MVP save time and money on the future maintenance of the system.

The new solution includes an operational dashboard that provided MVP staff much greater visibility into the status of all member ID card requests.


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