– BI Rationalization Client Story –

Over many years of growth and acquisitions, MVP Health Care was in need of a solution to eliminate the manual work that came with its reporting processes. With the expert help of Tallan, the health plan went through a BI Rationalization process to consolidate its reporting procedures and automate many manual processes.


MVP Health Care has grown over many years and has acquired several other companies along the way.

As is common at many enterprises, multiple databases, reporting tools and reports now exist and have grown difficult and costly to support for the long-term. Numerous reports were created by the IT department over the years, some no longer in use but still supported.

Also, staff developed informal reporting processes which included a great deal of manual work to enhance the information in order to create their regulatory reports. That valuable time could have been better spent analyzing the data in the final reports to make better business decisions to benefit patient care.


MVP Health Care BI Rationalization Solution

Tallan engaged with MVP Health Care staff to undergo a BI Rationalization process to consolidate and standardize all the formal and informal databases and reporting solutions in use.

The team uncovered many manual steps in the reporting process that could be automated to eliminate unnecessary work. A new consolidated reporting solution was envisioned for a critical set of regulatory reports and eliminate Access databases from the process.

Many existing reports written in Business Objects and Cognos will be transitioned to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. In some cases, reports will be retired altogether.

The BI Rationalization roadmap will be used by the not-for-profit health plan team to develop a more streamlined reporting architecture which will consolidate and eliminate redundant reports, tools and databases, while automating many manual processes.


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