Multifaceted Software Company: Achieving Growth Through Migration


An international talent recruitment and management software organization was growing and pending an acquisition. In preparation, this business needed to migrate critical workloads to the cloud in order to secure application and data resilience, and to allow for necessary scaling. Ultimately, the company wanted to utilize a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, but to address the immediate need, datacenters were migrated to transition the operational environment from SQL on-prem, to Azure as a lift-and-shift, while simultaneously designing the PaaS model to create the long-term solution. 


Global Enterprise Recruitment Software

Annual Revenue

$50 Million


Data and Analytics, Cloud, Integration Services

Assess Before Change.
Overall cost through a lift and shift
  • Tallan performed an Azure Health check to assess the environment and identify how to eliminate waste, properly govern, and reduce the cost overall.
  • The answer was a traditional lift and shift to Microsoft Azure and a conversion from BizTalk to Logic Apps.
Reliability and fault tolerance.
Redesigned solution
To support future growth
  • Utilizing Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Tallan created a fail-safe environment for data and applications.
  • In parallel, Tallan redesigned the solution as Platform as a Service (PaaS) model to support scalability and elasticity requirements. 
DevOps for the Win.
Operational efficiency & oversight
  • The implementation of Azure DevOps services reduced contention between unrelated processes while empowering CI/CD.
  • Tallan oversaw Backup, Archiving, and DR for DevOps and DevTest environments, in addition to high performance computing, and hybrid networking to improve oversight and operational efficiency.
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