Modern Security Strategy for Professional Services Firm


This professional services firm specializes in developing custom software solutions — applying expertise in Data & Analytics, Apps & Experiences, and Infrastructure & Security across several unique industries. Once leadership at this firm acknowledged the ever-growing number of cyber security threats and the magnitude of a possible breach, Tallan provided a full audit of their security strategy and assessment of the working environment.

The client’s leadership sought to assess the current platform’s security, supportability, and growth opportunities to gain visibility into their security posture. Based on the assessment, Tallan focused primarily on vulnerabilities such as user identities and endpoint security gaps. This Security Assessment is a two-week engagement that Microsoft typically funds!



Annual Revenue

$21 Million


Data and Analytics, Cloud

4 Workshops in 2 Weeks.
  • Workshops provided education on tools and best practices and the conversations throughout positioned Tallan to understand things that cannot be found running a tool, like, the culture of security at the client.
  • Verification of deployment and architecture best practices, areas of broad-based security exposure that needed remediation​, and identifying compromised identities were reviewed during a Scope & Objectives workshop. Because this client was mature to begin, a Cloud Adoption Framework workshop helped identify how ready they were to begin addressing outstanding security issues and how to govern the strategy moving forward. A Zero Trust Framework conversation took place, as well as a thorough workshop reviewing the client’s Secure Score with Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud.
741 Resources Evaluated, Manually.
  • Tallan’s security team manually reviewed servers, desktops, and software for unsupported or unmanaged devices, operating systems, and aging hardware warranty support schedules​.
  • The Tallan team reviewed Defender for Cloud Secure Scores for 390+ resources, Azure Identity Secure Scores on 200+ Azure Policies for Compliance, and Microsoft 365 Secure Scores for the client’s 140+ resources. The Secure Scores were reviewed and discussed with the client to prioritize remediation strategy and fully establish their security posture.
A Clear Path Forward.
  • Tallan presented a risk analysis assessment that highlighted proper correction protocols and the timeframes to address them accordingly in a 30, 60, and 90 day suggested schedule. Detailed lists of the resource(s) affected were documented in addition to proposed Azure tools and an estimated monthly consumption cost to further enhance the client’s security posture. Tallan recommended making sure all VM’s had the guest extension installed for accurate policy findings, utilizing the banned password function and user policies of Azure to better secure identity. Tallan used these findings to continue to secure the environment.
  • The client’s IT Manager noted that the engagement provided a look into “issues I had no idea I needed to address.” This client is now moving forward with an additional 3-week implementation of security enrichments.
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