Medical Center Modernizes with Enterprise Power BI Governance and Mentorship


This academic medical center is ranked among the top hospitals nationally and regionally by U.S. News & World Report. For more than 100 years, they have been innovating new treatments, procedures, and modern approaches to patient care. Their Business Intelligence team has provided the organization with reporting for 10 years, and recently, the team has begun to plan their enterprise self-service strategy to standardize using Microsoft’s Power BI. Tallan assisted in laying a solid foundation for the program’s adoption, operation, and governance.



Annual Revenue

$2.2 Billion

Company Size

17,600 Employees


Data and Analytics, DevOps

Discovering Priorities.
  • Tallan began with an assessment to review the current data environment and Power BI tenant. Working alongside this organization, Tallan documented their goals to identify processes, roles, and responsibilities for governance and create a roadmap for implementation. This ensures alignment between the client’s and Tallan’s team’s expectations of the engagement.
  • The assessment was meant to uncover the state of the customer’s data and Power BI practices, as well as educate their BI team on best practices for the tool. It was essential to understand data lineage and secure their Power BI tenant to minimize risk before adopting the new strategy and governance plan.
Implementing Power BI.
  • Tallan instituted governance policies, role-based licensing procedures, and workspace creation request processes. In addition, the team established a DevOps process with gated approvals to ensure data security to align with HIPAA needs.
  • Foundational pipelines were deployed in Power BI Premium to manage content lifecycle from a development, testing, and production standpoint. Tallan also initiated a Center of Excellence to jumpstart adoption by mentoring the Patient Experience team, and seeding that Center of Excellence (CoE) with content to continue education and collaboration.
Expert Guidance & Governance.
  • Tallan shared tools and techniques for testing performance, consumption planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Mentorship and training encouraged the adoption of self-service throughout the client organization. This included progress reviews at key project milestones, and role-based, hands-on, education sessions. Educational content was recorded and published throughout the engagement for Center of Excellence access in Microsoft Teams. This helps foster grassroots collaboration and further support widespread adoption of the tool.
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