Azure Assessment Enables Scalable Cloud Infrastructure & Governance Best Practices


A global leader of iron and steel reduction technology, specializing in clean and reliable ironmaking solutions for steelmakers needed to operationalize their current Azure environment under the guidance of an experienced systems integration partner. Tallan assessed the current cloud footprint to establish proper governance, ensure maximum optimization, alignment with best practices, and allow easy scalability for future migration and modernization efforts.



Annual Revenue

$58.4 Million

Company Size



Azure DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure

Established Landing Zone Based on Industry Driven Needs.
For Scale & Resiliency
  • Prior to implementing the infrastructure architecture, Tallan completed a full assessment of both on-prem and Azure workloads.
  • After the assessment, Tallan’s Cloud team reviewed governance best practices and remediation needs to design a more scalable application.
Azure Platforms & Services Provided a Result that was Future Proofed.
A Secure & Stable Solution
  • Rearchitected the existing application to be more aligned with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model and established an environment in Azure that met security, governance, and compliance needs.
  • This remediation and development was completed using the roadmap created based on Tallan’s assessment.
866% Growth in Internal Project Delivery Capacity.
The Cloud
Is Not the Limit
  • In a partnered effort, Tallan ensured proper training and knowledge share through phased workshops. An empowered staff effectively implemented new monitoring, reporting and operational governance tools to streamline day-to-day processes.
  • Azure Policy, Blueprints, Cost Management and Resource Graph were all vital facets of the strategic engagement.
  • This engagement supported one plant managing 3 to 26 projects, annually.
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