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This multinational company develops and sells pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and medical devices. Tallan completed an engagement establishing a governance strategy for their Supply Chain IT team’s Power Platform users. The challenge within this 60,000-person team was to balance the desires of the Power Users, with the needs of administrators to maintain control and prevent data loss. Tallan delivered planning, execution, and hands-on guidance for the design and implementation of a Power Platform governance program.



Annual Revenue

$93 Billion


Data and Analytics, Cloud

Design, Documentation & Development.
  • Tallan’s discovery engagement included a review of the organization’s current Power Platform business and technology alignment. Based on the customers’ identification of future requirements and the goals of their Power Platform users, everything was explored and documented, from roles and responsibilities to pain points. This assisted Tallan in prioritizing where to begin and what to backlog.
  • As part of planning for the development of this large-scale Power Platform Governance strategy, the Tallan and client teams identified where Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Flows should be developed based on the unique needs of the team. Tallan then mapped the organizational roles and responsibilities to the appropriate licensing needs.
  • There are seven pillars addressed in Tallan’s governance program — security & data loss prevention, licensing, environment management, monitoring, automation, team & user goals, and Power User enablement. Each pillar was reviewed and discussed during this engagement.
Boosting Business Intelligence with Power Platform.
10% Decrease of Environments Required.
  • The Tallan team provided documentation and best practices for creating and managing Power Platform tools. Automating environment and licensing requests eliminated manual processes and streamlined administration.
  • The automated monitoring and alerts of use and consumption allowed management to maintain budget adherence and align with the Data Loss Prevention policy Tallan designed, to keep their data connectors secure.
  • Through the development of the governance program, the client’s IT team was able to centralize monitoring of 7,000+ Power Platform environments, leading to a 10% decrease in the number of environments required. This made licenses more readily accessible, enabling the power users to scale. Proper on-prem Power BI gateway architecture and process flow also supported on-premises data for dozens of business teams within the organization.
Harnessing the Power of Expert Education.
  • Tallan provided mentorship and support to the client’s team through the initial installation of a Center of Excellence (CoE) starter kit, maintaining oversight of the updates in the CoE, as well as providing training for the team to solidify the adoption of the Power Platform tools in addition to the new governance structure.
  • Documented and illustrated findings provided direction on how to use all apps and flows customized for the organization. The client’s team gained valuable knowledge and independence, as Tallan showed managers and directors how to leverage Power BI to augment their decision-making. This helped advance the client’s adoption of Microsoft Power BI and the Power Platform, providing staff with accessible reporting to turn data into insights.
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