Harnessing Data Insights for a Manufacturing & Industrial Distributor


This specialized distributor provides industrial motion, fluid power, flow control, automation technologies, and maintenance supplies. The number of mergers and acquisitions this client had undergone created a challenge in achieving a holistic overview of their book of business. This companies’ data platform, in its current state, did not support reporting or analytics across subsidiaries. They resolved to transform their IT strategy and drive increased value by centralizing and modernizing their data solutions in Azure. Tallan delivered a pilot that automated the ingestion of sales data from multiple, disparate sources and demonstrated the efficacy of employing a modern data strategy to provide reporting through a single view.

Company Size

6,000+ Employees

Annual Revenue

$3.24 Billion


Data and Analytics

The Power of Education.
  • To kick off the Data Platform in 30 Days (DPi30) Solution Assessment, Tallan and the client’s team held several working sessions to gather requirements and discuss integration details.
  • Different use cases were discussed along with full working demonstrations of the Azure Data Platform. Tallan’s team created a live pilot in the client’s new cloud-based environment and educated the client’s team on how to use the various tools.
  • Each session was recorded so the client could refer to the information on an as-needed basis, as they continue to expand and grow within Azure.
Building on the Cloud.
  • Prior to development, it was essential to align the appropriate governance concepts with the existing cloud environment. Tallan set up a landing zone, allowing the client’s team to manage Azure tools and to ensure security & compliance requirements were met.
  • The Data Estate was refreshed and enhanced, empowering innovation with a Modern Data Platform using Azure Data Services. A centralized data solution helped improve governance, minimize data fragmentation, and increase speed and efficiency for sales reporting and analysis across the ever-growing book of business.
  • Tallan consolidated disparate data sources on-prem and in the cloud, making it simple for the client to access and harness that data for insights.
Ingesting 5GB of Data Per Day.
  • Prior to this pilot engagement, this organization did not have any efficient processes for pulling together data and reporting on it. Now, they can produce interactive Power BI reports and utilize self-service tooling that the CFO and other leadership can leverage to track sales, billing, revenue, and margin.
  • The model can be expanded to include additional data sources, enabling the customer to achieve their goal of long-term growth through better decision-making.
  • As a final benefit, through the collaborative nature of the project, Tallan identified and shared several next steps that would further enhance the data platform. These next steps will specifically benefit additional departments like marketing, audit, project management and finance.
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