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Tallan designed a proprietary web-based application for a global financial data and enterprise client. The centralized and secure platform enables trading counterparties to manage and share client data and documents. During the development process, the platform experienced usability issues stemming from inconsistent design elements across multiple applications within the product suite.


Business Support Services

Annual Revenue


Company Size

15,000 - 20,000 Employees



Increasing Usability.
usability issues resolved

An Interaction Design Review identified several areas of usability concerns and provided recommendations for standardizing and resolving those issues. The implementation of Tallan’s UX solutions resulted in substantial increases in usability which were validated through testing and rapid prototyping.

Ensuring a high quality user experience.
Design & Documented
components & patterns

The most commonly used components and patterns were prioritized, and a design system was created with extensibility and future growth in mind. The design system paired the components and patterns with best practices and guidelines to ensure high quality user experience

Standardizing the brand.
product teams utlizing the Design System

The Design System was promoted across the organization by working with the teams to provide reusable and extensible code components to reduce overall technical debt.

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