Full-Service Home Loan Company


A Full-Service Home Loan Company came to Tallan with a need to provide feature-rich, self-service reporting that their current reporting tools did not provide.  Tallan led the national loan company through the entire process, from setting up their organization to use Power BI within their O365 tenant to educating their IT staff and business analysts on how to connect to, visualize and share their data with Power BI.


A Full-Service Home Loan Company struggled with providing truly self-service reporting to analysts and end users in all areas of their business.  Team leads in both their retail and wholesale departments had to rely on very manual processes in order to track key metrics regarding their loan pipeline processing.

Additionally, the company had several external data sources they wanted to use to track metrics and KPIs to go along with their internal metrics, but were not able to do so because the data was not readily available to use in their reporting tools.


Power BI Dashboard Visualizations

Tallan worked with the National Home Loan Company’s Business Intelligence staff to understand their reporting needs, educate them on how Power BI could be used to fulfill those needs, and then set up Power BI to work within their organization.

The Tallan BI team worked side by side with several of the company’s Business Intelligence staff to generate both a retail and wholesale dashboard using Power BI. During this process, Tallan guided the Mortgage Lending staff on using Power BI best practices, in addition to providing an education on more advanced features, such as complex DAX measures.

Additionally, Tallan and the National Lender’s BI staff developed a Power BI report that connects directly to Salesforce objects and provides a dashboard for the organization’s buyers.


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