– Mobile Field App Client Story –

“We're excited for the release of this Tablet application; it raises the bar for Mobile-First in the oil and gas industry. Tallan brought expertise and development resources that greatly reduced our time to market.”

- Shawn Cutter, CEO
Fielding Systems


Solution Phone Template
Fielding Systems provides its clients with critical, real-time, production information in the field, therefore it was crucial that they implement a mobile application that would put the correct data into the hands of users around the globe.


Fielding Systems Scadavisor Client Story Solution
Fielding Systems Client Story Solution

After the successful execution of past projects, Fielding Systems partnered with Tallan again on a Windows 8 tablet application adaptation of ScadaVisor – its web application which provides oil and gas producers with access to field production data captured through an automated remote data collection framework.

Initially, the solution had to target the Windows 8 platform but also needed to minimize the investment and management overhead required to adapt the application to other platforms.


Develop once with the ability to extend to multiple platforms for best cost control. With a single code base, the team could focus time building the best application possible.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment and quick on-ramp for meeting customer needs as quickly as possible with the highest quality application.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

Leverage existing infrastructure to control project timeline, resources, and associated development costs.


The finished product is a responsive web app that is programmed to function in all browsers from desktops to phones.


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