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– eCommerce Solution Client Story –

“Tallan delivered a great modern B2B portal for our customers, from the Fortune 500 retailers to the main street businesses. Tallan's technical expertise ensured that the solution met all of our needs and that our IT staff was fully prepared to take over support of the application. The portal is a substantial improvement over what we had before and we would not have been able to get there without Tallan.”

- Anthony Gaetano, Information Technology Director


Evenflo wanted to have an easy way for customers to browse their innovative infant equipment and make purchases without the need for a sales executive.  Their existing online portal was difficult to maintain, lacked necessary modern user experience, and required a significant amount of manual assistance. Considering a customer base with increasing feature expectations and a system that was outdated and limited, Evenflo decided to create a Global Sales Portal (GSP) that would showcase all of their products across the entire product line and give their B2B customers the tools they needed to research and purchase.

Additionally, the GSP needed to integrate with their ERP and CMS via a back end-management system designed for use by largely non-technical staff and function on a variety of devices.




With Tallan’s help Evenflo transformed its outdated ordering system into a new and fully functional B2B ecommerce site, positioning Evenflo for continued growth.  This innovative GSP combined a B2B Commerce Site, Custom Sales Tools, Content Management System, and Integration to the BAAN ERP system.


The site now allows retailers to browse and order products without Evenflo sales assistance, while providing Evenflo retailers with one-stop access to essential sales and marketing assets. But the greatest impact of this project may be in its future application, enabling a simplified path for Evenflo to offer a B2C sales channel as they grow.


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