Establishing a Secure Azure Environment for a Global Public Health and Education Nonprofit


This nonprofit organization works to improve education, promote health, and expand economic opportunity on a global scale. They were preparing to operationalize their cloud environment and establish governance around the potential use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution componentsTo support this effort, the client needed to assess their current use of cloud services, define governance goals, and establish a cloud landing zone with an ongoing deployment strategy. This would allow them to migrate key applications to Azure. This nonprofit’s primary motivation for migration was to reduce their on-premises footprint in one of their colocation facilities and avoid a hardware refresh. 


Research & Development



Company Size

4,500+ Employees


Azure, Cloud Integration Services

Mapping the Journey to Azure.
Improved Performance
& Scalability
  • Based on output from a prior data collection using Movere, we worked to identify, define and deliver foundational IaaS Services in Azure. Using this insight, we gained an understanding of the current state of the client’s cloud adoption, positioning us to better understand the appropriate future state of the client’s Azure environment.  
  • It was essential that our solution helped improve the client’s staff needs, which include research, training, policy, curriculum development, and education technology.  
Implementing a Governance Strategy.
Azure Resources
  • We reviewed current controls, security, and governance for cloud environments. This helped ensure proper hybrid-cloud operations, allowing us to standardize the Azure environment configuration plan for shared environment deployments in the Azure Landing Zone.  
  • Based on our knowledge of the client’s environment administration and business structure, we confidently identified gaps and considerations in developing an Azure Governance model. Our team worked alongside the client to architect and document a governance model and landing zone roadmap for implementation. 
  • Benefits of moving to the cloud included simplified management, enhanced security, and higher uptime. We kept the client’s technology costs down by helping them avoid the purchase of new physical servers as part of a costly hardware refresh.  
A Fully Operational Cloud Environment.
& Migrate
  • The remediation included the configuration and implementation of the Azure landing zone architected during phase 1 of this project. This supported the operationalization of the client’s new environment to include best practices for governance and a cost management strategy with guard rails and billing insights into what their developers and engineers were working on. 
  •  We also migrated the identified on-prem Virtual Machines to Azure and assisted the client with testing and validating those VMs. We configured backups and corrected any issues that resulted from the migration. The client currently has 62 VMs running in Azure, with more being migrated the coming months!  
  • The new landing zone has the potential to help researchers, scientists, educators, and health & technology specialists work more synergistically, while this organization continues to improve communities all over the world. 
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