Connecticut Administrative
Service Organization

– Responsive Web Design Client Story –

In order for this Connecticut Administrative Service Organization to have its website modernized to be accessible on multiple devices, Tallan’s UX Team utilized its expertise in responsive design to create a website available to all form factors, while providing an enhanced experience for the members and web visitors of the organization.


An Administrative Service Organization for the State of Connecticut’s HUSKY Health Plans came to Tallan for help on enhancing their outdated website.

Many years ago they had created the first version of the Husky Health website that provides information about the plan to members and providers. The not-for-profit health plan organization wanted to modernize that website to accommodate visitor use of multiple device types including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, while enhancing the accessibility of essential member information.


Connecticut Solution 2


Responsive design is an approach to web design that allows a web page to render differently depending on the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. This has become more important as the variation of screen sizes has exploded with a variety of devices available on the market today.


Tallan’s UX team provided expertise in responsive design and worked with the Administrative Service Organization staff to envision multiple responsive design options. The goal was to make the most commonly used and important information easily available to all form factors, while providing a richer experience when additional screen real estate was available.

The final design focused on a mobile-first approach, ensuring mobile users would have quick, yet full functionality of the site.


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