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The General Court of Massachusetts is the State Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and has been making laws for its constituents since 1630. When the Massachusetts Legislature needed a consulting firm with expertise in transforming organizations through the intelligent application of technology and design, it turned to Tallan. Tallan delivered three major applications for Massachusetts: The Legislative Automated Workflow System (LAWS), the Public Site, and the Ways and Means Budget system for the Senate and House. Each of the three components of this suite addresses a unique area of the legislature, yet as a whole, are seamlessly integrated to provide a flexible, cohesive, and maintainable legislative enterprise platform.

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Legislative Automated Workflow System.
Management & Tracking

A comprehensive data auditing system ensures that a full history of all legislative data changes is recorded, including the person and timestamp of the change

Extensive journal functionality supports the recording of actions within the chamber for a given piece of legislation

Users manage all aspects of the legislative process from their computers at the State House, district office, or home

Committee & Hearing Management

Wall-mounted screens in the hearing rooms provide information to committee members and the general public on the agenda, hearing presenters, and committee members

Live hearing management allows an authorized administrator to control the information displayed to attendees in real-time

Public Website Redesign.
Award Winner

2013 National Conference of State Legislature LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award Winner

2018 National Conference of State Legislature LINCS/NALIT Online Democracy Award Winner

Recent improvements include a mobile-first, accessibility-oriented implementation with a fresh, modern look driven by feedback from Massachusetts citizens

Incorporates functionality and data from the new workflow system (LAWS) allowing constituents to follow events pertaining to legislators, hearings, committees, and bills providing greater transparency in the legislative process

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