Medical Group's Migration from SQL


A New York based multi-specialty medical group needed to set up a new business line providing managed data and analytics services to other health care providers. Tallan worked with their IT Department to customize and configure an Azure based solution that manages servicbetween clients, while addressing concerns related to security, certifications and compliance. The project entailed integrating disparate on-premise sources, and migrating database code to assign medical data records to data warehouse in Microsoft Azure



Annual Revenue

$513.8 Million

Company Size

3,500 Employees


Data and Analytics, Cloud, Integration Services

Envisioned from the Ground up.
Seamless Migration to a
Unified Cloud
  • Tallan architected a proposed solution  capable of securely connecting to the medical organization’s managed service database. Tallan stood up the necessary database, network and ID management services in Azure.
  • In addition, Tallan integrated Azure AD with the existing on-premise domain to enable the client’s clients to launch new initiatives as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.
High value for clients.
Devised & Built
To limit human error
  • Implemented infrastructure and services for a solution defined in Azure like repointing SSIS ETL processes to the rehosted environment.
  • Allowed for iterative data extraction from two separate systems through a private, secure data pipeline in compliance with HITRUST/HIPAA certification.
Poised for Growth.
Expertly Crafted
Multi-tenant solution
  • A modern, automated process and prioritized roadmap empowered self-service BI.
  • Tallan supported cloud-infrastructure design through health checks, managed resource maintenance, and governance of cost and performance.
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