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This industry-leading company provides a dependable and clean source of iron to produce high grade steel with low emissions. To meet the needs of steelmakers and ore-based metallic providers around the world, it is essential that this company’s cloud governance is efficient from a cost, compliance, and security perspective.

Building on the success of a previous engagement with this customer, Tallan was tasked with evaluating the current Azure security architecture. We began by reviewing the existing environment to ensure it followed best practices and was built for scale in order to establish a baseline implementation of Azure Sentinel. Based upon the assessment, we structured an implementation roadmap to ensure our team understood the current state, the client understood the ‘to be’ state, and that everyone was aligned on deliverables such as monitoring and alerting needs, and security automation opportunities.

Azure Sentinel makes it simple to gather security data throughout an organization, including devices, users, apps, and cloud servers. Microsoft powered AI ensures that significant threats are quickly discovered while reducing the need for time-consuming, infrastructure setup, and maintenance. Ultimately, Azure Sentinel provides virtually limitless cloud capacity and speed to meet your security demands.



Annual Revenue

$58.4 Million

Company Size

200+ Employees


Data and Analytics, Security

Tapping into Decades of Microsoft Cybersecurity.
Design & Access
  • To start, Tallan completed an inventory of source systems and services before cataloging the expected weekly average of data output. These systems and services were categorized based on priority levels of coverage.
  • Reporting requirements were defined by source groupings, with a gap analysis between default dashboarding, and the client’s reporting needs.
Unparalleled Threat Intelligence.
Analyzing Data at Cloud Scale
  • Tallan identified operational needs for monitoring and alerting. Through an assessment of the environment, coupled client feedback, the team supplied the customer with monitoring and alerting that would be most beneficial and aligned with their needs. After a full analysis, an engagement model was created for incident response.
  • The security infrastructure team defined the rollout of Azure Sentinel monitoring, with a phased plan to allow for the refinement of thresholds alerts. A custom monitoring dashboard was developed and delivered based on the connected data sources and customer input. 
Connecting 90+ End User Devices.
Assured by Sentinel
  • Tallan detailed the process to onboard services, and successfully connected the organization’s firewalls and devices to Sentinel. The initial tuning was based on data volume, type, and severity. Tallan also created an operational management guide for onboarding new assets, complete with daily, weekly, and monthly management activities. 
  • The client’s team can now utilize Sentinel to focus their efforts on specific potential problem areas, discern if a breach has occurred, and automate common tasks for responding to threats quickly.  
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