Accelerating Form Processing for a Legal Nonprofit

“The Tallan Team was extremely professional, patient, and timely. They took the time to understand our needs and develop an OCR solution that worked for our organization. They always took the initiative to ensure our project succeeded and their efforts are helping us serve the community better. Thanks to the OCR tool they helped implement, we can expedite the provision of legal services and improve our community advocacy efforts.”

– Client Sr. PRAP Coordinator


Since 1969, this nonprofit has provided legal services that protect and advance the rights of low income, Black and Latinx communities. As a part of their daily operations, they had been manually entering information into databases, which proved both inefficient and time-consumingTo increase the efficiency of intakeform processing and validation, Tallan helped implement Form Recognizer, a cloud-based service that uses machine learning technology. This automated tool helped successfully save time, money, and employee resources. 


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  • It was essential for this organization to be able to quickly extract text and structure from documents. Form processing speed was a high priority because their clients were often detained and in need of immediate help. The sooner a form was processed, the sooner their client’s could be provided with urgent legal assistance.  
  • Tallan delivered an Azure based application able to read information from PDF forms, utilizing Azure Cognitive Services’ Form Recognizer APIAzure Form Recognizer is an AI tool that builds learning models based on previous data. Azure Form Recognizer can be trained to comprehend documents both on-premises and in the cloud with just a few samples. Advanced machine learning is then used to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents with pinpoint accuracy.  
  • With AI, this organization turned documents into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost, allowing them to focus more time acting on the information rather than compiling it. 
From 20 Minutes to 2.
Via Powerful AI
  • Tallan built a model from existing data and used Form Recognizer to identify specific fields such as client names, DOB, and current legal representation. Tallan created and implemented an Azure resource group along with a Logic App workflow to establish the organization’s email-based process updates.  
  • The Logic App was configured to work with the new model’s client processThis led to a successful integration with existing applications – including a Salesforce platformPreviously, it took this client 20 minutes to complete each form. Tallan’s solution has reduced this process to a speedy 2-minutes.  
  • Deriving valuable data has been refined into a simple process, with this organization now able to administer research backed legal services much more swiftly and efficiently. Interested in a firsthand experience? Click here to explore Tallan’s Form Recognizer Demo!
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