Enterprise Application Integration

Systems Integration can improve business agility, increase speed to market, and save money. Use BizTalk Server to connect your on-premises applications to cloud based applications OR extend to the cloud with Azure Logic Apps.

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Is your BizTalk Server under performing or are you exploring options to move to the cloud?
You have options!

I think my Biztalk Server is under performing but I’m not sure

When your BizTalk Server is under performing, it could impact the day to day operations of your entire organization. To make matters worse, it may be difficult to identify there is problem…like unknowingly having a server down while your applications are still running.

I’m considering a cloud-based application integration solution

If you’re using BizTalk Server to connect several software systems and applications and thinking about migrating to the cloud, maybe it’s time to consider Azure Logic Apps.


I want to move my BizTalk Servers to the cloud

If you’re having trouble maintaining your BizTalk Servers on-prem, you can move them to the cloud and eliminate the headache.

My Biztalk Virtual Machines need an upgrade

Many organizations using BizTalk are saving both time and money by moving their Virtual Machines to Azure, or, setting up a hybrid environment for their application integration solution.


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