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Entrust Tallan’s cloud consulting services to help your organization with cloud migration, cloud adoption, and developing cloud-based applications using today’s most cutting edge technologies.

Application Modernization Development


Modern Technologies for Modern Operations

Assess your infrastructure and application portfolio to identify where your IT leadership can strategically innovate. Tallan offers engagements to educate, ideate, Proof of Concept or implement so no matter where your organization is on the digital enablement journey, we can help.

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Drive digital innovation for your business with cloud technologies on Microsoft Azure! Migrate existing applications from on-prem environments, or build new applications on the cloud to improve collaboration, increase productivity, and provide value to your customers.

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Future Proof your Application Portfolio

Enhance functionality, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and insure compliance with Microsoft monitored data centers. Every business is different, with different goals and different needs. Whether IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or a hybrid-environment are right for you, thoroughly checking your portfolio for opportunities to innovate is key.

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Businesses of all sizes benefit from cloud adoption and migrating to cloud-based applications and workloads.
Designing, developing and deploying cloud based applications is on the critical path to digital innovation and modernization.
Tallan can help you migrate, adopt, and build cloud based applications to meet your business needs.


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